ULTRAMAN x Arena of Valor

Our childhood hero has arrived! The legendary Japanese superhero in ULTRAMAN hits the battle grounds in the most popular mobile MOBA game in the world, Arena of Valor.

By Victor
November, 25, 2020
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Ganre (s):
Strategy, Action, Fantasy


In the latest Netflix original series ULRAMAN, Shinjiro, the son of Shin Hayata has to protect the Earth from devastating by aliens. After training and testing again and again, Shinjiro will fight for the humans on Earth with his teammates. And now, ULTRAMAN will arrive in AOV as skin of the popular character Ryoma, and it’ll be the whole new power and surprise. Just look forward to the whole new collaboration skins and UI resources. It’ll definitely make you excited!

Play as SEVEN

SEVEN is very famous in the series and history of Ultraman. He is friend, foe, and mentor who teaches Shinjiro to be a legal ULTRAMAN. AOV has launched a SEVEN skin of Florentino and players can get it for free by completing the specific missions. The fantastic outlook and skill effect of this skin is the best choice of winning the game! 

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