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Why Epik?

Premium Content

Bring your game to the next level with Epik in-game and NFT items. Get priority access to new items and experiences.

Trusted Brands

Indulge in unique NFTs and gaming collabs with the biggest global brands. Shop their official NFT blockchain digital collectibles.

Limited Edition

Collect item sets that have limited availability. Scoop up your favorite NFT digital collectibles before they're all gone!

The global leader connecting brands with video games, apps, and VR/AR

Epik brings to life unique collaborations inside of digital platforms delivering an experience that users love.

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New brands joined

Epik works with 1,000s of brands and we matchmake them with the best suitable digital platforms. This helps brands broaden their reach, increase fan engagement, and generate new royalty opportunities.

Epik has built a vast global network of top tier brands and games

WIth Epik, nothing is out of reach. WIth clients from all over the world, we help you get your business deals done.

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Go shop exclusive digital merch

Get limited edition, tailor-made items from the biggest industry collabs.

Level up your game.

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Lockr App Has Arrived

With Lockr, you will be able to view and access all of your items from all of your games. Lockr lets you manage your items and purchases at home, at work, or even on the go.

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Equip your character with NFT digital collectibles

Enter a new era where you can do more than just look at your digital collection. With Epik, instead of simply admiring your collection, you can use your items inside of your favorite games and apps!

Official NFT Digital Merchandise

Epik items are official name brand digital NFT merchandise. Epik items are created from brands and digital platforms and they are specifically designed to deliver you brand new immersive experiences.

NFT Digital Collectibles Upgraded

Collect beautiful and rare digital merch and then use it in real life and inside of games! Epik items are the next evolution of NFT blockchain digital collectibles and gaming.

Limitless Possibilities

With Epik, there are endless combinations between multiple brands and games to make truly unique collector sets that have never before been possible. Get ready to collect an explosion of really cool new ideas!

How Epik works


Create your account

Signing up for your own Epik account is easy and free.


Link your other accounts

Linking wallets, games, and apps lets you get unique items.


Join Epik Prime

Members get access to ultra exclusive in-game and NFT items.

Looking to benefit from business partnerships?

Become an Epik Partner and benefit from in-game and NFT crossover collaborations with our global clients. With Epik, get access to one of the world's largest business networks where you can easily produce, manage and sell premium digital products.

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