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Bespoke Digital Merchandise

Epik items are tailor-made from partnerships between global brands and digital platforms. They are specifically designed to create brand new immersive experiences.

Digital Collectibles

Prized possesions are kept secure and always accessible by storing them on blockchain. Browse and discover who has the best collection across all of the different platforms.

Limitless Possibilities

The dawn of a new digital era where you can express yourself without restraint. Share your identity and experiences in ways that were previously unimaginable.

We work with

Over 300+ business partners covering more than 1,500+ iconic brands.
Over 150+ game companies comprising over 250M+ MAU (250,000,000 monthly active users).
Our team comes from Nintendo, Tetris, Sony, IBM, and Pokémon.
Featured Clients, Properties, and Brands include:
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