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Benefits for Brands:

Agile Decisions

Gather data more quickly than traditional licensing lifecycles and apply the intelligence for new collaborations with less risk.

Trusted Recordkeeping

Get transparent reporting and payment on all transactions with flexible options for regular payments and cryptocurrencies.

NFT Upgrade

Open the door to create truly unique NFT experiences for your brand by expanding the experience into VR/AR, games and apps.

Digital Platforms

Benefits for Games:

Frictionless Entry

Get instant access to the world's best brands and start creating unique in-game content immediately.

Lower Costs

Save time and money compared to traditional business development and licensing to produce your collaborations.

NFTs Unlocked

Instantly enjoy and gain experience in the NFT opportunity without compromising on your long term NFT Strategy.

Why Epik?

Premium Content

Bring your game to the next level with Epik in-game and NFT items. Get priority access to new items and experiences.

Trusted Brands

Indulge in unique NFTs and gaming collabs with the biggest global brands. Shop their official NFT blockchain digital collectibles.

Limited Edition

Collect item sets that have limited availability. Scoop up your favorite NFT digital collectibles before they're all gone!

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New brands joined

Epik is proud to announce partnerships with these extraordinary brands.  Stay tuned as new crossovers, events, and premium digital goods emerge from these exceptional brands. 

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