Willie Nelson x Casino World

Country music legend Willie Nelson joins up with top online social casino game Casino World for an exclusive collaboration featuring special Willie Nelson themes, items, building designs, and more!

By Gary Ma
October, 20, 2020
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Strategy, Action, Fantasy

Test Your Luck and Skill to Win Big!

This in-game partnership between the multi Grammy winning, legendary Willie Nelson and Casino World, offers the most grandiose, interactive and community-driven free-to-play social casino with tycoon gameplay.

Using winnings earned from casino gameplay, players can personalize their Casino World cities and build "Party Rooms" to chat, share Casino World Charms and interact more intimately with their avatars. In addition to the new Willie Nelson avatar, Casino World features 180 newly designed player avatar graphics that have unique personality characteristics, including movement-based expressions and soundbites.

A Perfect Blend of Immersion for This Willie Nelson Collaboration

Casino World will provide new avatars to players, complete with cowboy hats, Western shirts, bandanas and Willie Nelson-themed clothing. Players will also be able to add country music venues to their cities, including a tour bus, Willie inspired dance hall, Luck Opry House and Luck Headquarters, from Willie's Texas ranch.

All of Flow Play's games, features, partnerships and campaigns are built with the intention of fostering community in and outside our worlds. This partnership with Willie Nelson is no exception. Few things bring people together better than music, and Willie has long stood as one of the most iconic figures in the industry. His involvement in Casino World brings a new level of relatability, personality and excitement to the game!

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