World of Dance x Avakin Life

Hit TV show World of Dance collaborate with Avakin life to give players the chance to live the dream to dance on stage!

By Gary Ma
December, 01, 2020
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Strategy, Action, Fantasy

World of Dance joins the Avakin Life universe!

This exciting new collaboration means millions of Avakins can experience the World of Dance like never before.

Avakin Life is hosting the first in a series of World of Dance events, where users can grab state-of-the-art dance animations and new fashions inspired by the show’s performers and styles.

Music, dancing and fashion are at the core of what Avakins love, and the Avakin team is proud to continue pushing virtual world to new heights.

World of Dance Hip Hop Event

Showcase your hip hop style on World of Dance. If you can impress dancer Kylie with your freshest moves, you’ll win a free prize!

Kylie is a talented dancer, and she’s performing a hip hop routine on the World of Dance TV show. She’s a little nervous… it’s up to you to inspire her to create an awesome, impressive routine!

If your dance inspires her, Kylie will reward you with a free prize!

Kylie will be in the studio for the whole of the event. You can perform your dance move for her and get your reward at any time.

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