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Benefits of Epik Prime Membership

Epik Prime is a loyalty reward membership program that grants access to better quality in-game and NFT items to it's members and all Prime members have a chance to win random NFT prizes.

Anyone can qualify to become an Epik Prime member and customers can choose to purchase their Epik Prime membership directly from our website or they can do so on their own if they are familiar with linking and managing their own digital wallets.

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Epik Prime Membership Program



Every Epik Prime membership is represented by staking tokens.


Random Prizes

Every Epik Prime membership can win random NFT prizes.


Upgrade Your Membership

All Epik Prime memberships can be upgraded to Prime+.

Epik Prime+

Epik Prime members can choose to upgrade their Prime membership to the elite status of an Epik Prime+ membership. Epik Prime+ gives members access to the most exclusive high quality items and premium services.

Epik Prime+ members are the backbone and most faithful of all the participants of the Epik ecosystem and the Epikverse, so as a reward for their ongoing support, Epik Prime+ members get previews on upcoming items and can pre-order and reserve items before they hit the public.

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